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Chance Little

"Life is too short to not love what you do..."

"When it comes to music and entertainment, I've done just about everything! Songwriting, beat production, graphic design, I've even done gigs with various bands and have been able to work with some truly incredible people along the way. I gave up my job as a production director to chase my passion for music in the studio. Now I get to sit behind the mixer and really shape the future of the songs we listen to."

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My Story

Born in the west, raised in the south. When Chance was just sixteen, he dropped out of high school, and enrolled in a course for audio engineering and found himself running sessions out of a renovated garage in his mother's house.

For many years Chance was also a music producer and self-taught pianist, creating beats for hip-hop and RnB. Later branching out into EDM and even soundtracks for movies and games. But it didn't just stop there, he also got into graphic design and even created the website you're seeing now!

However, for the past seven years Chance has been in and out of the studio life, pursing jobs in live A/V and sound reinforcement. Most notably his status as lead technician and eventually landing a dream job as a production director. Until he had a realization, ("the money is amazing, and I finally get to say I'm a director... But I'm not happy, it doesn't put fire in my soul, I don't feel fulfilled. So, I quit")

Now back focusing on Curve Audio full time and really pushing the boundaries of what a "home studio" can be, with visions of opening his own fully fledge recording studio, he'll just have to make due with what he has. Because at the end of the day. ("It's all about creating art, working with producers and artists. Getting to be a part of that process is what drives me, f*** everything else!")

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